Offset Projects

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Offset Projects

The offset projects will be selected from basket of renewable energy projects in the sectors of wind, hydro, biomass and solar.

Zenith Climate desires to identify renewable energy projects generating GHG emission reductions.

The projects will be selected based on the credibility of the project and its contribution to the sustainable development. The offsets purchased from the projects under the portfolio of Zenith Climate will be systematically retired so that no double counting is possible and the process will be verified by a third party consultant

The offset projects will be selected from basket of renewable energy projects in the sectors of wind, hydro, biomass and solar.

Projects completed

Zenith Climate has replaced incandescent bulbs with CFLs at all households of Kistapur village, Adilabad District, Andhra Pradesh.

Involved in planning, construction and monitoring of 650 biogas plants at Tsunami affected area of Nagapattinam, Tamilnadu.The project is planned as a part of Green Goal TM”, the environmental concept of 2006 FIFA WorldCupTM, includes the offsetting of GHG emissions caused by the event. The credits generated through this project will be retired to the funding agency to offset the emissions.

Zenith Climate with support from NEDCAP has implemented about 50 biogas plants in the districts of Karimnagar and Nalgonda of Andhra Pradesh so as to reduce depletion of biomass in the select dryland regions.

The biogas project involves installation of anaerobic digesters (biogas plants) for controlled methane generation and the same is used for cooking purpose in biogas stoves and the slurry left in digesters is used as fertilizer for agricultural activities.


The aim of the project is to replace inefficient wood-fired and kerosene stoves with clean, sustainable and efficient biogas stoves and to avoid methane emissions. The types of biogas plants installed are the Khadi, Village Industries Commission (KVIC) and Deenbandhu models.

The health camp was organized with the objective of providing free medical examination/check-up, distributing free medicine to the communities and creating awareness on health related issues.

Free Health camps were conducted by Zenith Climate in the district of Nalgonda in 2 villages of Hanumanthulagudem, in Matampally mandal and Ravulapenta village in Vemulapally mandal. In Hanumanthulagudem around 400 patients received the benefit of free treatment and free medication and in ravulapenta 500 patients received benefit and free medication.

Zenith Climate has involved in construction of 100 units of individual bath cum toilets to the needy households in the Ravulapenta village, Nalgonda District, Andhra Pradesh to avoid the open defecation and to keep up the safety of woman folk in the village.

Provided 10 Nos Solar LED street lights in the Ravulapenta Village, Nalgonda District in consultation with village administration.

Installation of 150 Solar LED Street Lights in five villages viz., Votla palle, Thakellapadu, Thadakamalla, Venkatadripalem and Alagadapa of Miryalaguda Mandal, Nalgonda District is under progress.