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Green News : Meeting energy needs to the rural masses by providing improved cook stoves

Going green is becoming more popular, but even more important, it makes good sense for you, you’re family, and the entire world. Show your respect for the planet by adopting systematic solutions to reduce energy consumption on one hand and to use more renewable energy on the other side.

Zenith Climate is promoted by Zenith Energy Services Private Limited  “www.zenithenergy.com”  . Zenith Energy is one of the leading organizations in India providing consultancy services in the fields of Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Climate Change and Water advisory services

Built with a vision to promote carbon responsibility among corporates and individuals, Zenith Climate aspires to become India’s leading carbon-offsetting organization.Zenith Climate is managed by a prolific Board of Governors, and is promoted by Zenith Energy Services Private Limited – one of the leading consultancy firms in the field of Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and Environment Management Services.

Zenith Climate will identify renewable energy projects generating GHG emission reductions based on credibility and there contribution to sustainable development. The carbon offsets purchased from the projects under the portfolio of Zenith Climate will be systematically retired to eliminate double counting, and the process will be verified by a third party consultant.

Zenith Climate intends to work in the areas of :

  • Meeting energy needs to the rural masses by providing improved cook stoves, biogas plants, solar LED street lights, solar home lighting systems, solar off grid systems
  • Conducting free health camps and supply of free medicines, providing clean drinking water to the rural people
  • Tree plantation programme
  • Conducting environmental awareness campaigns for schools, institutions and Corporates
  • Undertaking energy efficiency projects through conversion of lighting from incandescent to CFLs or LEDs
  • Investment in renewable energy projects such as mini/micro hydro and biogas plants.
  • Educating the rural on Hygiene and sanitation by conducting awareness programmes.